Wednesday 18 January 2012

RFO time again!

That's right folks, it's rectal foreign object time again! That seems to be everyone's favourite topic and gets the most hits, so you can consider this some shameless self-promotion.

I need to start asking these people exactly what they were thinking as they inserted these things into their rectums. I imagine it's something like, "Oh that feels good!  But I hope I can get this thing back out again!" In my mind, they should be thinking, "What could possibly go wrong? What's my backup plan in case something goes awry?" Unfortunately you just can't anticipate some things.

Take for instance this guy who never in a million years thought anything could backfire in his plan. 

That dark tube-like structure right in the middle of the picture is the vibrator he inserted. Look carefully at the bottom of it. Go ahead, zoom in. I'll wait.

Notice how the bottom is jagged, not smooth? That's because the bottom of the vibrator broke off as he was trying to pull it out. How?  Why the hell are you asking me?  I've never stuck anything...nevermind.  Fortunately the batteries came out too, but with that sharp broken plastic, he wisely chose not to reach in and try to extract it himself.

I got it back out with little difficulty. After the procedure he vanished like a fart in the wind.


  1. "vanished like a fart in the wind." haha FTW simile of the year.

  2. As an ER nurse, I have to agree.... there is absolutely no end to the suprise of what people will shove in there... AND the stories that they come up with to try to cover how it got there!


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