Monday 16 January 2012


If you've seen the movie "Inception" then you know it's about dreams within dreams within dreams.  (If you haven't seen it, what the hell are you waiting for?  Go see it!)  This next story I like to call "Dumbception" because it's just multiple layers of dumb.

Two nights ago I got a call that the medics were bringing in a fall at 3 AM.  I watched through bleary eyes as they wheeled in a young kid who looked no older than 15 and was completely unconscious and covered with 3 thick blankets that were clearly NOT from the medics.  My eyebrows raised just a little bit.  He had a little bruise next to his right eye and a band-aid over his left temple (medics NEVER use band-aids).  My eyebrows raised just a little bit more.  The medics then launched into their story - they got a call to check on this child who was asleep on a porch, and when they got there and saw the band-aid, they thought he had been beaten up.  Thus he was called a trauma.

To me, the kid looked passed out drunk.  I looked at the medics, and they both slowly shrugged as they gathered their stuff and walked out.  After shaking my head several times I got a quick CT scan of his brain and face, and I saw that everything was normal.

The story came out a few hours later - the kid was 14 years old, drinking and smoking marijuana with his buddies, and he passed out.  Some kind citizen saw him asleep on the porch in sub-freezing temperatures, and instead of CALLING HIS MOTHER they put some blankets on him.  His blood alcohol level (remember, he's 14 YEARS OLD) was 0.27, over three times the legal limit (were it legal for him to drink, which it is not).

If my kids ever pull any shit like this, they're getting locked in their rooms until they go to college.

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