Thursday 29 March 2012

Blame Hollywood

Hollywood doesn't always get it right. In some movies like "Scarface" you're supposed to root for the bad guy. You know he's evil, but you still want him to win. I can't blame movies and TV for contributing to the downfall of society, but I can at least place some responsibility on them for brainwashing people on certain subjects.

Have you ever seen a movie where the bad guys elude the police, cause several dozen cops to crash, and then get away? Of course. Have you ever seen the bad guys shooting up the good guys and then getting away? They pull a gun, fire a few shots off, and get away clean while the bumbling cops are still trying to figure out what went wrong and how they can hide their mistakes from their chain-smoking captain. You've seen that movie, right? Of course you have. I'm sure it occasionally happens in real life too. But the problem is that the movies make it seem easy. Too easy.

A 19-year old kid was brought to me today having been shot multiple times. Innocent robbery victim? Wrong place at the wrong time? Caught in the crossfire? Not hardly. He allegedly pulled a gun on the police and fired, and they responded in kind.

Now the difference between this guy and the police is that one of them is a kid who has seen too many movies, and the other not only is trained extensively in marksmanship but also wears a bulletproof vest. See where this is leading?

You guessed it. Unlike in the movies, the good guys actually got the bad guy.

He was brought to me with no pulse and multiple gunshot wounds in his chest, abdomen, arm, and leg. I performed a resuscitative thoracotomy (I opened his chest), and unfortunately he had bled to death internally. He didn't stand a chance.

At least Hollywood had this part right today - the good guys usually win in the end.


  1. Geez…unless it's a historical or documentary, movies are usually meant to entertain and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

    Obviously the late bad guy did not get this. He also did not get what was fundamentally wrong with being ONE person against many with guns.

    I'm only eighteen myself, I must sound way too jaded for my age.

  2. Hollywood does like to perpetuate what I think of as the "A-Team effect". The cops or bad guys can fire volley after volley of rifle shots and hit only railings or car doors. When the "hero" fires a single shot from a hand-gun it lands unerringly on target.

    One punk kid against a dozen trained marksmen with superior skills, training and equipment. No problem. Only not.

  3. I swear people are dumb on purposes and were put on this planet for smart peoples entertainment

    1. You're right, your comment was pretty entertaining!


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