Monday 13 February 2012


I'm going to step away from my usual modus operandi here and post something that has nothing to do with medicine.

This may seem shocking to some readers, but I do actually have a heart, and it is currently in the possession of my wife and my two children. These three people are the reason for my existence, and everything I do is to support them.

Done vomiting yet? Ok, wipe your mouth. Wait, you missed a little there on the corner. No, the other corner. Anyway, anyone who has kids will be able to relate to this story easily. Those who don't, well, maybe you'll get a chuckle nevertheless.

There comes a point in your child's life when this little person understands that you love him and that he loves you back. I remember that moment with my daughter vividly. That moment just happened with my son. Sort of.

I was holding him just before putting him in his crib. The lights were out, and he was half asleep, having just finished his bottle. His face was barely illuminated by the glow of the nightlight as he turned his eyes directly into mine. His huge hazel eyes stared directly into mine, and I saw a strange, perhaps quizzical expression come over his face, like he had just figured something out. He reached his tiny hand up towards my face, and I thought, "He gets it! He knows I'm his Daddy!" His hand reached my face...

And he stuck his finger directly up my nose...and then he laughed.

Damn. Maybe tomorrow night.


  1. That was ridiculously sweet

    I always was aware of your heart. Having one doesn't mean having to extend love and forgiveness to morons who's stupid selfish actions destroy innocent people's lives.

    I hope they bring you joy everyday.
    My family does for me.

  2. This made me chuckle hysterically, but none the less, it's cute (:

    This story, made a bad day brighten up

    Thanks doc p:

  3. I've had a similar situation. Putting my daughter to bed, giving her a kiss and then having her burp in my face :)

    oh the joys of parenthood

  4. Love this. I work in the lovely world of retail and so I am gone for long hours on the weekends. My husband normally takes our 6 month old son to his parents' home for the day and brings him back around bedtime. Sometimes I see him before bed and other times not til he wakes up the next morning but the smile on his face is that look of "it's you! You came back!" warms and breaks my heart all at the same time.

  5. This made me smile – that's what my six-month old does :). I think it •is• his (their) way of saying "I know you" and "I love you" at the same time...

  6. This is the kind of thing I like to call a 'movie moment'. It's just so comically perfect. Your son sounds adorable.

  7. My kids have stolen my heart completely. My two-week old showed how much she loved me the other day when I puckered up to kiss her and she threw up right as soon as my lips touched hers. That's love...:)


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