Saturday 11 May 2013

Coke bottle

If you've read back to some of my older posts (or if you frequent, you've no doubt seen this picture:
It remains my absolute favourite picture of all time, and it's only made better by the fact that it was my patient and I took it.  It's priceless because it is unmistakable.  Even someone who has never seen a pelvis X-ray can tell exactly what it is.

I guess the picture inspired Noor (also known as NoorFML from who apparently is quite the artist.  She drew this for me and just sent it, and I felt I had to share it (with her permission, of course).

This was a very nice surprise, so thanks very much Noor.  If anyone else has any pictures like this to share, I would freely welcome (and share) them.


  1. I wish I could draw like that. ;P

    1. Where the hell did you learn to draw like that?!

    2. I took art classes since 6th grade. That's seven years of art class. Unfortunately, I did not sign up for any art classes in college because I didn't want to draw naked people.

    3. They really make you draw naked people? 0.o I thought that was just in should start drawing stuff then sell them.

  2. What I'd like to know is how someone got that bottle up/down there in one piece.

  3. DocBastard, you should get that turned into a cross-stitch.

  4. it on the bench and lined up the ends.It turned out great. bottle cutter reviews

  5. Pulled one out of a man as an intern - been striving to recreate the magic I felt as a very junior doctor in that moment. Another bum saved...


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