Friday 25 May 2012

Love hurts

Passion is an extremely powerful emotion. It's also potentially dangerous. I'm not talking about spending twice as much on that Valentine's Day gift as you intended, just to impress that special someone. No, I'm saying it can light a fuse that explodes as rage, sort of like this next guy who found out the hard way just how much love can hurt.

A young man wanted to see his young child, but the child's mother didn't want him to. Sounds simple enough...until rage takes over. Overcome with emotion, he tried to barge his way into her house. Unfortunately he wasn't fast enough to avoid her new boyfriend's fist, nor was he strong enough not to pass out.

He woke up in my trauma bay last night with a nasty concussion and a split lip. As I was repairing his lip laceration, I noticed some ugly linear scars on his right arm. The pattern looked familiar, so I asked him the obvious question:

"Did you punch a window?"

"Yeah, Doc. I still got some glass stuck in there too."

"And why did you do that?" I heard myself asking him before I could stop myself. Why why why? Why would I ask that?

"That was the last time she wouldn't let me see my kid. I know, I know. I was stupid."

My father taught me to listen to the patient, because 80% of the time they will tell you their diagnosis. This guy had his right on the money: stupid.


  1. That's sad...
    You hear about father's bailing out of their kids lives, but to be denied the joy of being there for them? That's just harsh.

    On the other hand, he sounds a little unstable. I just hope it works out for the guy...

  2. This guy was definitely stupid to try and punch through a window. And honestly, that won't help him see his child again.

    That being said....I genuinely feel sorry for him. I don't know his story...he could be abusive, an addict and whatever else. Maybe its a good thing that he couldnt see his child. But I also know that if someone was trying to keep me from seeing my child I probably would freak out too.

    We also can't assume that the mother is a respectable lady either. I've studied law... and the mother often gets full custody even if she isn't always capable. Even if the father is perfectly capable. The legal system isn't always fair.

    I guess it just bothers me that so many children grow up wishing they knew their fathers, and the mother is keeping the two apart. So it seems anyway... for all I know, he wanted to see the child on a day that he wasnt supposed to? And again, maybe he has a dangerous personality.

    I would freak out too of someone was keeping me from seeing my child. BUT I wouldnt resort to violent behaviour. Of course I would take my passion to court or other legal forum, and spend every penny I had to make sure the agreement is fair, not by punching through a window.


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