Tuesday 24 April 2012

Good choices

Not doing drugs: good choice
Wearing your seatbelt: another good choice
Not taking your prescribed diabetes medicine: bad choice
Running from bail bondsmen: worse choice
Running from bail bondsmen into high-speed traffic with sky-high blood sugar from not taking your prescribed diabetes medicine: REALLY bad choice

A 29-year old man had a warrant for his arrest, so when three bail bondsmen showed up at his door, he ran.  He didn't just run, he ran into traffic.  A car hit him at full speed, knocking him out, breaking two ribs, puncturing his lung, breaking his leg, and lacerating his liver.

The best part of this whole thing were the two police officers barking at him just before I put in a chest tube to re-expand his collapsed lung.  They were basically telling him the same thing I would have - next time a bail bondsman comes to your door to pick you up, make the right choice and just go with him.


  1. LMAO, I'm sorry, I can't help but to laugh. This is just another example on why morons aren't pests, they're free entertainment.

    1. Providing you're not driving the car that mows him down. Don't fancy that much.

  2. I love idiots I find them entertaining even when they get mowed by a car running from the po po


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