Thursday 20 October 2011


Can I talk about motorcycles for a minute?  Wait, it's my blog.  I can talk about anything I damn well please!

Motorcycles suck.  They really suck.  On a scale of 1 to suck, they SUCK.

If I hit someone at 60 mph/100kph, there is something rather comforting about having 1.5 tonnes/3000 pounds of steel, aluminum, and fiberglas surrounding me, not to mention the crumple zone, seatbelt, and multiple airbags that are designed to protect me.  If you're on a motorcycle and you hit a car (or a concrete barrier) at 60 mph/100kph, no combination of helmet, leather jacket, and armored pants are going to save your sorry ass.  It's just you and the road.  The road ALWAYS WINS.

What pisses me off even more are the idiots who defend their murdercycles to the death.  Literally.  I've had several patients tell me that their horrific motorcycle accident was their last and they are giving up riding.  But I had one guy a few months ago who had his leg nearly amputated at the knee.  He adamantly told me that he would get right back on his bike as soon as he was able, because the accident wasn't his fault.

Wasn't your fault?  What the hell does that matter?  Whether it's your fault or not, you almost died, and you almost lost your leg.  Life is a series of lessons from experiences.  LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS ONE.


  1. Now, was this the poor dumbass' PCP hospital, or the rich dumbass' Mercedes-crashing hospital?

  2. This was from the PCP hospital, but it makes no difference. The stupidity level between the two is roughly equal.

  3. Fuck motorcycles, stupid death traps. That's all I have to say about that. >.> *grr*

  4. I am a tow truck operator.

    Roughly half of the motorbikes I have towed in the last year have just been in an accident.
    I only tow the bikes where the rider (or their passenger, or a friend) was able to be with the bike though.

    I don't tow the much larger number of motorbike accidents where they departed in an ambulance, or there isn't enough left to patch together. I got my driver's licence in Germany, and the first big traffic jam I drove in was the result of a bike accident - as we passed the scene, we could see a sheet on the ground where most of the person's body was - nothing was taller than about 10cm (4 inches). I can only assume they were wearing leathers because otherwise it would have been spread all over the landscape.

    Most of the ones I did get to tow were the result of a car cutting them off. No amount of skill will ever change that. That is even before we deal with people riding them at speeds in excess of 300km/h (180 mph). At that speed they will need a squeegee to collect the remains.


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