Friday 14 October 2011

More stupidity

What the hell is going on with PCP?  There's a major revival going on in my area, and more and more idiots are coming in so screwed up that they can't see straight.  These are just stories from this week:

A 55 year old guy was doing something on his roof while high on PCP.  Who the hell knows what...probably trying to fly.  He fell off, hit his head on the concrete, and had a major bleed in his brain.  He's on a ventilator now and probably will be for the rest of his pathetic excuse for a life.

A 24 year old guy decided it would be a good idea to go car surfing while high on PCP.  Much to the surprise of NO ONE, he fell off, hit his head, and bled into his brain.  He'll probably be a vegetable forever.

I find it difficult to have sympathy for self-induced trauma.

1 comment:

  1. Doc, have you ever heard of the drug, 'Bare Naked"? It's when you soak pot in PCP and smoke it. It gets one so high in one hit that they immediately take their clothes off... Funny...



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