Friday 14 October 2011

Life is cruel sometimes

This happened a few months ago, and it's just a sign that the world can be a cruel bitch.

A man came in having been involved in a high-speed rollover car accident.  He was unresponsive in the field with no pulse.  CPR was started.  By the time he got to me, he was still pulseless.  Massive chest trauma, flail chest, etc.  We continued CPR for 20 minutes before I declared him dead.  I got the really bad news a few minutes after that -

It turns out he was on his way from out of state to attend his wife's funeral.  She had died a few days before, also at my hospital, having hit a deer with her car.  The impact with the deer didn't kill her - the deer went through the windscreen and kicked her repeatedly in the head.  That's what killed her.

They had a 1 month old child.


  1. That is truly tragic. At least the child wasn't in the car on either occasion. Hopefully he has extended family who are able to look after him.

  2. I have read all of your posts and this one actually brought tears to my eyes. Very heart breaking.

  3. That is so incredibly sad, that poor child, and the way they died... Absolutely heartbreaking


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