Monday 28 November 2011

Two beers

Two beers.  It's always "Two beers."

Me: How much did you have to drink tonight, sir?
Idiot patient who reeks of alcohol: Two beers

It's almost ALWAYS two drinks.  No one ever admits to getting plastered, but everyone feels the need to lie to the doctor in order to look better, I suppose.  Even when I tell them that I'm not the police and that we're getting a blood test so I can see their exact blood alcohol level, they continue to lie.

Same goes for drug users - people readily admit to using marijuana, but no one likes to admit to using heroin or pills or cocaine.  People on PCP are too doped up (and stupid) to admit anything.

Look people, I'm just the guy trying to take care of you.  If you've hurt someone, you better believe I'm going to find the police and make sure they know about you.  But I'm trying to make you better, and lying to me isn't helping.

1 comment:

  1. Two least two liters

    That was always my response when the anesthetist was hell bent on pumping in a couple of units of packed cells and the surgeon said, "It's all irrigant in the suction bottle. Nurse how much irrigant have I used?"


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