Monday 20 October 2014


Over the past few years that I've been writing, I've gotten more requests than I care to count.  Some have been very thought-provoking -
  • write a post about GMOs
  • write a post about the anti-vaccine movement
  • write about the most difficult case you've had
Others have been, well, let's just say I chose not to fulfill them -

  • tell us your name
  • tell us where you live
  • will you be my mentor and/or write me a letter of recommendation?
I wish I were kidding on that last one.  As much as I appreciate my young readers, and as grateful that I am that people have been inspired by me to go into medicine and/or surgery, I just don't think any dean at any institution in the world would be remotely impressed by getting a letter from a "Doctor Bastard, Bastardia Medical College, Bastardia (not its real name©)".

That being said, I've also gotten several requests from folks asking me to advertise or promote something.  If you have never noticed the distinct lack of adverts on this blog, you will now, and there's a very good reason for that.  Because of that ad-free philosophy, every shameless request for every shameless promotion I've gotten, I've politely declined.

Until now.

This one is just too important.  I got an email from Sandra (her real name) from about a charity auction they are running for breast cancer awareness.  Yes, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Now I will happily admit I have little doubt that there are likely few people out there who aren't aware of breast cancer, but I have even less doubt that every little bit helps, especially considering how prevalent and pervasive breast cancer is.  I've met very few people who don't know someone who has personally been affected by breast cancer.

One great part about this auction is that all the proceeds will go directly to breast cancer research.  Wait, that's not the best part?  So what is?

Ball chair

Hanging bubble chair
Ibiza chair
Come on, who wouldn't want one of these in their living room?  Just look at them!  They're pink!  They're retro-yet-modern!  They're ultra-cool!

And they're for a good cause.  If you can - bid, win, and be someone's hero.


  1. Aww... these ARE awesome! Is there a good site with more affordable swag?

  2. I wish them the best of results in their auction. If I tried to help everybody I thought deserved it, it would be a full time job.

  3. Rarely do your posts threaten to bring me to tears, but I must admit this one almost did.I have personally been affected by breast cancer, and as such have very limited funds. But thank you Sandra, and thank you Dr. Bastard for your generosity here.

  4. Thanks DocB... so awesome. My Mom is a 17 year survivor and is still going strong at age 82. #lovemymom

  5. Make a pancreatic cancer awareness post for November! November is pancreatic cancer awareness month and it's important to spread the word!


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