Wednesday 6 June 2012


I know all of you readers are just clamoring for an update to this story, where the young man's mother refused to wear her seatbelt.  Fortunately after a few days, we were able to remove his breathing tube and he woke up.  He was eventually able to eat and walk, and I discharged him to a rehabilitation hospital late last week.  His brain is mostly functioning normally, though he does have violent outbursts frequently.  He should make a full recovery.

Update #2: His mother is still an idiot.


  1. The first part made me happy, but the second...

    It's just...


  2. It's cases like these where one of the sad parts happens to be that she contributed to the future gene pool :/

    1. I agree! Luckily that ended up being one if the sadder parts of this story.

  3. OK, Doc - not relevant to this post really, but I suppose it could be an "update" - what's with the hip X-ray (on FML)?

    To my untutored eye it looks like a replacement femoral head that has come out of what I take to be an artificial "cup" in the hip joint. There must be a story behind it...

  4. I'm glad to hear that kid made it through. Too bad his mother didn't learn from what should have been a valuable lesson.


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