Wednesday 14 December 2011


Hope and pray that you never have to be treated at this next hospital. I hate this certain hospital. If I had a dog, I wouldn't allow it to be treated here. I only practice here under duress, and I'm dropping it next month. Here's an example why:

The ER at this certain death trap hospital paged me tonight while I was in surgery at a different hospital. I called them back when I was done, and the receptionist said "Oh, that was Dr. X who paged you, but he's already left. Dr. Z is supposed to be here, but he's stuck in traffic."

So...the doctor left without signing out to another doctor? Who the hell was responsible for his patients? In what universe would this be considered good medicine??!

This is why I'll no longer be practicing there as of next month.


  1. I think your posts are intelligibly funny and the smart remarks make it all the better.

  2. It doesn't happen to be the hemet hospital does it?

  3. No, it isn't. I no longer practice at this particular hospital, so for all I know it's been swallowed by a volcano.

  4. I'm trying to put together an online petition against Hemet ER, and some anonymous info would help greatly. If you jhave any helpful info please email me at or at I'm a veteran that was recently treated there, and i've seen better free clinics in Iraq. Any info would be helpfull.


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