Monday 23 March 2015

What your doctor won't tell you about surgery

So a few interesting things have happened since this was published in the Daily Beast this past Saturday.  In case you missed it:

I didn't get called an idiot (or anything else equally disparaging) in the comments this time, though I admit I didn't read the comments to my last two TDB articles, so who knows what insults were flung my way.  I thought I was making some real progress with this piece.

And then today one of my twitter followers hit me with this:
Ha ha . . . nah, I thought.  And then . . .

Hm, that does sound like what I wrote.  But still, nah.  Couldn't be.  AND THEN:

Ok, I freely confess that at that point I was sort of freaking out a bit.  And by "sort of freaking out" I mean I nearly drooled on myself.  Then a few minutes later I got an email from a reader who confirmed that Shepard Smith and  Kennedy had recapped my article on Fox News.

I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing temporarily.  I decided to tweet to Kennedy and let her know (jokingly) that I had been available for an interview:

Yes indeed.  It just kept getting weirder and weirder.

But it wasn't over yet.

As I was reading that tweet, a new email popped up.  It was a request to do a phone interview for a radio station in San Francisco.


I had to politely decline the offer (and concurrently split an infinitive), of course.  I don't think I can fake an accent long enough to get through an entire interview, though I suppose they could have run my voice through a voice changer.  But who the hell wants to listen to a faked computerised voice on the radio.  I know I wouldn't.  And as I was writing the email response, this popped up on Twitter:

Yeah.  Now if I could only figure out a way to change my voice and face . . .


  1. Congrats on making the news, so to speak. Glad to see you are getting out there more than just as a blog. Don't let the fame get to you though. I want to keep reading awesome stories.

  2. wow, much more and you will have to retire from surgery to keep your fans happy. (or not)
    haven't done a login for the Daily beast - but if I had, I would have commented that I actually agree with making a rule that experimental procedures can be done in hopeless cases - except I would rule that the doctor had to inform the family that the case was, to the best of his knowledge, hopeless, and the doctor would take full responsibility for all costs associated with treatment, from that point on.

  3. This means that more people can hear your awesomeness from this corner of the Internet!
    There might be fewer smoking idiots or drunk driving idiots henceforth.

    1. you underestimate the perseverance of the common idiot.

  4. Do the interview in a surgical mask.

  5. Is there an RSS feed for DocBastard only on The Daily Beast?

    1. No idea. I haven't looked into it.

      I'll try to be better about posting synopses of my TDB articles here.

  6. Oh my God! I am so excited. That so so cool ( why am I talking like a teenage ?) anyway, that is awesome. Congrats doc. Hope we get at least to read a book of yours soon.

  7. Loved it. In my experience I have found orthopedists and cardiologists usually the most arrogant in practice. Not the females, though there may be a few, but the male species shine like vampires in Twilight in their glory.

  8. For those that want it, here's the link to Doc's posts on the daily beast, I finally found it the other day

  9. That's awesome!! Congrats! :D

  10. Doc, I realize you are excited but it is Fox News after all. Not being from this side of the Atlantic perhaps you are unaware of the significance of this.

  11. That's neat! Just don't ever let the fame get to you and muzzle your outspokenness...


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