Wednesday 1 August 2012


Whatever these things are called where you come from - tractor-trailer, semi, big rig, prime mover, Mack truck, lorry, artic - they are absolutely terrifying to be near on the road.  I will admit that most people who drive them are respectful of traffic laws and drive just fine, but every now and then I see one clearly being driven by a maniac that makes me wish I were on the other side of the planet, not just the other side of the road.

I was driving to the hospital yesterday morning and saw one pulled over to the side of the highway, two police cars (with their lights blazing) flanking it at either end.  The policemen were administering a roadside field sobriety test on the driver of the 9 in the morning.

Now let's all think about this for a minute.  One of two things was going on -
1) The driver was drunk, during rush hour, behind the wheel of a 45,000 kg (50 ton) weapon carrying up to 1000 liters (300 gallons) of explosive fuel and was putting everyone around him at grave risk, or
2) The guy was such a bad driver that it looked like he was drunk and was still putting everyone around him at risk.

Fortunately he was on the other side of the highway and hadn't killed anyone yet.  Yet.


  1. One more possibility, and it happened to a friend of mine. Not knowing what Obstructive Sleep Apnea was,or how dangerous it is, he fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a concrete wall at 70 mph. I'm sure he wishes he was pulled over for bad driving before he had that accident.

  2. Also, many of these over the road drivers are paid bonuses for getting to the designation ahead of schedule.
    The economy being what it s could play to unsafe driving habits including drivers not spending the required down time (sleeping/resting).
    Regardless, unsafe driving conditions like these will eventually hurt and probably kill others.

  3. You're absolutely right. Driving next to big rigs is terrifying. I can't count how many times I've almost been run off the road by one, and it never becomes less harrowing. Thinking about any of them driving drunk makes it that much worse.

  4. I love your blog, this stuff is fantastic but I have to point out that diesel fuel is not explosive. It barely burns, actually, which is why semi truck tanks are allowed to hang on the sides, rather than being hidden and completely protected a passenger car. It makes a huge, slippery mess when one of those tanks is ruptured, though!


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