Friday 4 November 2011

Drugs are bad

I don't think I can stress this enough.  Drugs make you crazy, stupid, and insane.  And they make you lie.

A patient of mine that I have been seeing for several weeks with an ulcer on her leg had herself admitted to the hospital because of severe pain in her leg.  She had admitted to me that she used to use crack cocaine and PCP, but she swore up and down that she was clean for several months.

I looked at her ulcer, and it was pristine.  There was no sign of infection, an MRI showed nothing except a superficial ulcer, and her labs were all normal...except for a urine drug screen which was positive for (dramatic pause) COCAINE AND PCP.

I love it when people try to claim that the test was a false positive or that there simply MUST have been a mix up in the lab.  The lab equipment doesn't lie, folks.  Why can't people just be honest with me?


  1. People are only honest if they are honest with themselves first. All drugs are bad in a sense, but if moderatly used they inhibit a euphoric feeling of enlightenment. Of course when abused you get addicts and that's a lot of the negativity with drugs. But prescriptions are just, if not more, worse then natural drugs.

  2. Moderate drug use "inhibits" a euphoric feeling of enlightenment? Smoke another one, dumbass!

    1. Let's keep things civil here, please. I think she just used the wrong verb. I believe "induce" is the word she was going for.

  3. I take Dronabinol/Marinol. This is A. derived from THC and B. something that shows up as Marijuana on a drug screen. Even though I notified the lab in advance and carry my meds on me, I have lost more than one job opportunity to the knee-jerk reaction that I'm "just another druggie."


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